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Roboforex affiliate code

RoboForex Sign up bonus

Referral code youc
Sign up Bonus $30
Deposit Discount 10%
Refer and Earn Up to 50%

What is RoboForex?

RoboForex has been operating and regulated by the FSC since 2009. Since then, RoboForex has always focused on providing the best trading conditions using innovative technologies. The company is a financial brokerage firm offering 9 types of assets and more than 12,000 instruments for trading. RoboForex is very proud of the variety of services it offers, suitable for everyone regardless of your experience and the size of your investments.

It has also implemented a number of regulations to ensure security.

For example, there is protection against negative balance. For example, if market volatility causes you to run out of positive balance in your account, RoboForex automatically sets the balance to zero.

In addition, there is a compensation fund that provides protection up to €20,000. This in case if a member refuses to comply with a Financial Commission ruling.

Finally, there is a civil liability insurance program. This means that up to €2.5 million is insured in case of leading coverage against negligence, fraud, error, negligence and other risks that can lead to financial losses.

None of this makes RoboForex go away from the fact that trading on RoboForex carries risks. More than 75% of clients lose money on the platform.

If you still want to get started with RoboForex click on the button below and don’t forget to enter the affiliate code with ‘youc’ for a welcome bonus!

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How does the RoboForex infinity partnership work?

Typically, brokers compensate their associates by considering the size of their clients’ completed transactions. However, RoboForex operates differently. At RoboForex, partners earn commissions not just from finalized transactions, but also from ongoing ones. In some cases, the commission for active positions can surpass that of completed ones.

An example:

Suppose you referred a client who, on Monday, initiated a long position of 10 lots in EURUSD. They kept this position open for a week, closing it only on Friday.

Under traditional partnership arrangements, you would have received your commission solely after the position was closed, likely on Saturday.

With the RobForex Infinity partnership, upon your client’s closure of this position, you’ll receive $88 in commission. Furthermore, you’ll earn 20% of every swap applied, equating to $1.92 per lot daily!

How to get a welcome bonus at RoboForex?

Get a welcome bonus after following the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name, email address and phone number.
  3. Click on ‘I have the Partner’s code’ and enter ‘youc‘ here
  4. Verify yourself
  5. Deposit money and start trading. Your welcome bonus will be added automatically!