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What is a referral code?

A referral code is a personal and unique code that you could use to refer friends or acquaintances to sign up for a certain service. When the referred individual uses the code or link during their sign-up or purchase process, you could be rewarded. Referral codes help companies to acquire new customers, while incentivizing customers to spread the word about the service or product to their network. Referral codes are a win-win for both the company and the customer, as they can both benefit from the exchange. Moreover, the referred user is (most of the time) rewarded as well with a sign up bonus.

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Where to fill in a referral code

Usually, referral codes can be filled in during the signup process for a product or service. Look for a field that says “referral code,” “promotional code,” or “invite code” during the registration process. If you are unsure where to enter the code, send us a message!

Some companies also allow you to enter the referral code after signing up, through your account settings but most of the time you have to fill in your referral code before signing up! Remember, referral codes are often used as a way to reward existing users for referring new users, so make sure you have the code from us so that you know you have the maximum discount or bonus!

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Referral codes in crypto

As said earlier, a referral code is a unique code or link provided by a platform that lets users invite others to join their platform. Both the referrer and the new user usually receive a reward such as a discount, bonus or commission. The additional network effects could result in exponantionally growth for businesses that work with referral codes.

These network effects work extremly well with crypto exchanges. That’s why referral codes are commonly used by crypto exchanges, wallets and other crypto services to attract new users. Because the crypto industry is highly competitive, referral codes are an effective way for businesses to incentivize users to spread the word about their products and services.

Benefits of using referral codes

There are several benefits of using referral codes. Firstly, using a referral code can provide discounts, sign up bonuses or other benefits. Secondly, referral codes can create a sense of community around a brand, as you share your experiences with others, you build trust and credibility for the brand. You can get rewarded for that. Lastly, using a referral code you share a sign of appreciation to the referrer. Your referrer might can share apprecitation bacnk by incentivizing you back with give aways. We often do this to the referrals that use our code!

Conditions attached to a referral code

There are usually conditions attached to referral codes. These conditions typically vary depending on the specific program or offer that the referral code is associated with. Some common conditions include a minimum deposit amount, a certain trading volume, and restrictions on who can use the code (most of the time, it may only be available to new customers).

Additionally, some referral programs may have caps on the number of times a code can be used or the total rewards that can be earned through the program. It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with any referral code to ensure that you understand the requirements and eligibility criteria before creating an account.

MEXC sign up bonus 9000

Referral code vs. referral link

A referral code and a referral link are both used in referral marketing programs to track and incentivize new customer acquisitions. A referral code is a unique combination of letters or numbers. This code is typically entered at signing up for a crypto exchange.

In contrast, a referral link is a hyperlink that includes a unique tracking code. When someone clicks on the link and creates an account or other desired action, the referrer receives a reward or incentive. The referral link allows for easier sharing through social media or email marketing, as users can simply click on the link to be directed to the referral program.

Overall, referral codes and referral links both have their place in marketing and can be effective tools for incentivizing new customer acquisitions.

Joining a referral program

Joining a referral program is a great way to earn money. Referral programs are incentive-based systems that reward you for bringing in new customers to a crypto exchange or other service. These programs offer rewards in cash, trading rebate, or other forms of compensation to people who refer new customers to them. To participate in most referral programs, you will need to register by providing your name, email address, and sometimes additional details. Once registered, you will be provided with a unique referral link, which you can use to refer others. If your referral link results in a sign-up, purchase or trading volume you’ll earn a commission.

Referral programs are often used by crypto exchanges to promote their services, and some programs can prove to be very lucrative for successful referrers. To join the program, simply follow the instructions provided by the exchange and start sharing your referral link or code with your friends and followers!

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Best referral codes

Below you'll find the most used referral codes of 2023

Bybit logo
→ Bybit

30K Sign up bonus

Binance logo
→ Binance

$300 + 20% Discount

OKX logo

10K + 20% Discount

bitget logo new
→ Bitget

$30.000 Sign up bonus

trade republic logo
→ Trade Republic

$200 Sign up bonus

HTX logo

$5672 Sign up bonus + 30% Discount logo

5.5K Sign up bonus

→ Lbank

$255 Sign up bonus

mexc logo

$9000 Sign up bonus + 10% Discount

Bingx logo
→ BingX

$15000 Sign up bonus + 10% Discount

3commas logo
→ 3Commas

15% Discount

→ Bitunix

$5500 Sign up bonus + 10% Discount

→ Blofin

$5000 Sign up bonus + 5% Discount

→ Bitrue

$3000 Sign up bonus + 20% Discount

poloniex logo
→ Poloniex

$1000 Sign up bonus + 40% Discount

youhodler logo

$25 Sign up bonus logo

$25 Sign up bonus

DOEX logo

$8888 Sign up bonus

Weex crypto logo

$10K Sign up bonus

Toobit crypto logo
→ Toobit

$9640 Sign up bonus

Coinw logo
→ CoinW

$30.500 Sign up bonus

→ Fairdesk

Up to $100K Sign up bonus

phemex logo
→ Phemex

Up to $500 + 2550 xPT

BTCC logo

Up to $50.000 Sign up bonus + 40% Discount

→ AMarkets

15% Deposit bonus

coinex logo
→ Coinex

10% discount

→ Bitfinex

6% discount

Pionex logo
→ Pionex

$2125 Sign up bonus

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