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Referral code 2786203
Sign up Bonus Up to 30.5K USDT
Refer and Earn Up to 40%
30.500 futures bonus coinw

What is CoinW?

CoinW, established in 2017, stands out as a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange offering a range of features. Traders can engage in spot trading, ETF trading, OTC trading, and Copy trading on the platform. Despite its diverse offerings, CoinW is particularly renowned for its focus on crypto futures trading. The exchange also provides opportunities for users to take part in challenges, presenting avenues for additional earnings.

CoinW is highly favored among active traders who utilize leverage. The fee structure starts at 0.2%, gradually decreasing to as low as 0.01% with the acquisition of more CWT (CoinW tokens). Notably, the exchange has experienced significant growth, boasting a user base exceeding 6 million. With access to over 350 cryptocurrencies, CoinW has become a prominent platform for those seeking a dynamic and expansive trading experience.

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How does the CoinW referral program work?

During the account creation process, you can fill in an invitation code to get started with a bonus. Eveyone can invite their friends to get a 40% rebate on their trading fees. If you have a social media following you could apply for an affiliate status. Then you could earn 60% in commissions!

CoinW referral

How to get a CoinW welcome bonus up to $30,500?

  1. Register yourself at CoinW with the referral code ‘2786203’

  2. Deposit crypto

  3. Verify yourself with KYC

  4. Deposit at least 200 USDT and receive 5 USDT immediately.

  5. Earn 50 USDT super bonus when you open a futures account.

  6. Do your first Futures/Spot trading in any amount during the event period to pocket another 50 USDT.

  7. Then get a Futures Bonus up to $30,500 max.

Coinw referral bonus